Magpahanggang Wakas November 3 2016


Magpahanggang Wakas November 3 2016

Magpahanggang Wakas November 3 2016

Magpahanggang Wakas is a Philippine romantic melodrama television series based on the 1980 film Kastilyong Buhangin, starring Nora Aunor, Lito Lapid and Tonio Guiterrez. Directed by FM Reyes, it is topbilled by Jericho Rosales, Arci Muñoz and John Estrada. The series premiered on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida evening block and worldwide on The Filipino Channel on September 19, 2016, replacing Born for You.

Magpahanggang Wakas November 3 2016


Waldo (Jericho Rosales), a man who shares a deep love with Aryann (Arci Munoz). Their love for each other was undeniably genuine and true.

However, their story changed as Waldo accidentally killed a man who attempted to rape Aryann. Waldo was convicted of the crime and was sent to prison. Feeling responsible for Waldo’s misfortune, Aryann took on different jobs to raise money to get him out of jail and met Tristan (John Estrada) who gave her the hand she was desperately looking for.

Not soon after being freed however, Waldo faced the vengeful brother of the man he killed and was fatally shot. Waldo falls off a cliff and drifts into the sea which made everyone, except Aryann, believe that he was dead.

Having slowly accepted Waldo’s death, Aryann moved on and found her way to Tristan, the man who didn’t take advantage of her vulnerability during her darkest times. The two fall in love with each other and were set to be wed.

However, during the announcement of their wedding, Aryann saw Waldo and realized the undeniable truth that Waldo is alive. Waldo and Aryann cross paths but Aryann is no longer sure if she still shares the love they once had.
Magpahanggang Wakas November 2 2016