Sunday Pinasaya November 6 2016


Sunday Pinasaya November 6 2016

Sunday Pinasaya November 6 2016

Sunday PinaSaya is a Philippine afternoon comedy-variety show broadcast by GMA Network starring Marian Rivera-Dantes, Ai Ai de las Alas, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola. Accompanying them are Alden Richards, Barbie Forteza, Julie Anne San Jose, Joey Paras, Jerald Napoles, and Valeen Montenegro. The program premiered on August 9, 2015 as the successor to Sunday All Stars on the network’s Sunday Grande block and is also aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

Sunday Pinasaya November 6 2016

The program is the first Sunday afternoon variety show to be produced as a blocktimer, rather than by GMA Network, which produced the program’s predecessors GMA Supershow, SOP, Party Pilipinas and Sunday All Stars. It is produced by APT Entertainment, a subsidiary of TAPE Inc., the production company behind the longest running noontime variety show in Philippine television, Eat Bulaga!.

On January 10, 2016, the episode is titled “#SPSAlayKayKuyaGerms”, which is a tribute to its Creative Consultant, German “Kuya Germs” Moreno who died of cardiac arrest on January 8, 2016.


Marian Rivera-Dantes (2015-present) (on maternity leave)
Ai-Ai de las Alas (2015–present)
Jose Manalo (2015–present)
Wally Bayola (2015–present)


Comedy skits

CaringDeria – Ang Kainang May Hugot
The story is about a hot-headed and impatient Aling Goreng (played by Joey Paras) that owns a carinderia flocked about by townsfolk in competition with Melody’s eatery,which the former’s owner’s got her blood pressure spiking up and wreaking upon the eatery.

Cynthia’s School of Overacting
Wally Bayola plays the role of an overly confident and arrogant gay acting coach Cynthia with Vicky (played by Valeen Montenegro). Cynthia mocks and criticizes his students who are actually seasoned and award-winning actresses. He teaches them his acting technique which can be described as “overacting”. Actresses who have guested in this segment include Maricel Soriano, Jaclyn Jose, Cherie Gil, Celia Rodriguez and Nora Aunor.

Madramarama Presents
The skit follows the pattern of a typical Filipino “telenovela” or serial drama wherein the story is cut into several weekly episodes. Besides having a convoluted dramatic plot and unexpected twists, it is still injected with comedic acts, jokes and punchlines. Each week, the episode will end with a question and the audience will have a stake on what would happen next by voting via the show’s social media account. The first feature story is entitled “Ano ang Ano? Kanino?” (What is What? Whose?) which is about the twisted fate of twins, Ella and Lala, played by Ai-Ai and Marian.

Kantaserye Presents
Kantaserye is the show’s take on a “musical play”. The actors, who are also singers, after delivering their lines, will sing songs that are related to the scene. They usually sing popular OPM songs. A voice-over, who is likened with the voice of “Big Brother” serves as the narrator. The first feature story starring Jose, Wally, Jerald and Julie Anne is entitled “Sari-Sari Luv”. Noteworthy actors who have guested in this segment include Christopher De Leon and singer Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

Variety segments

Chef Boy Next Door
The show also offers a “cooking segment” featuring the heartthrob and the half of the phenomenal love tandem AlDub, Alden Richards. In this segment, Alden goes under the moniker “Chef Boy-Next-Door” who is assisted by Rico Fabio played by Jerald . The segment starts with a dance number from Chef Boy, after which he will teach and demo simple recipes to the live audience. Once the food is cooked, Rico will pick someone from the audience to taste the food Chef Boy prepared. The lucky audience will also get a chance to spin a wheel that will determine which part of Chef Boy’s body she will get to kiss. On the recent episode, the wheel was modified wherein instead of body parts, it now contains special prizes like chocolate, pillow, teddy bear, rose, photo with Chef’s authograph and Alden’s studio albums Alden Richards (EP) and Wish I May (EP).

Kanta Ririt
Aside from comedy skits, the show also features a fun and exciting “game segment” dubbed as “Kanta Ririt”. Jose and Marian serve as the game masters. Two teams, composed of celebrity guests, will compete in a charades-like guessing game of song titles. Team members will take turns to sing a set of songs, but they must not sing the lyrics instead replace it with strange and funny sounds like a dog’s bark or a cat’s meow. The team with the most number of song titles guessed after two minutes wins the game and brings home a trophy. Since Marian Rivera took her maternity leave, Ai-Ai or Alden took over as the game masters, while Jose remains on the segment.

The Fashionistas
Jose, Wally and Jerald, after walking in the catwalk wearing high-fashion and usually eccentric outfits, sing original compositions that talks about specific themes and issues based on human experiences.

DJ Bae
On this sketch of a radio show of Kilig 143.4, Alden plays the role of DJ Bae, a disk jockey who gives advice to its listeners who calls on the show. Serving as his side kick is Jerald who plays the role of “Papa Pete”. Likened to most radio shows nowadays, DJ Bae and Papa Pete throw funny punchlines and practical advice on various topics, including love.
Sunday Pinasaya November 6 2016